Coast + Weber + Ahaus
Coast + Weber + Ahaus

MILAN, Jun 16, 2009 / FW/ — Using a travel theme based on a multi-cultural family, the Coast + Weber + Ahaus Spring 2010 collection is eclectic. Diverse fantasies were translated into original hybrid clothing based on cultural diversity.

And to give life to its inspiration, Coast + Weber + Ahaus created a fictional family, starring in order of appearance:

  • The sister: Fanny lives in London, is on holiday in Cornwall.
  • The mother, Françoise, opera singer who left the scene, passing the summer in Saint Tropez.
  • His father, Orlando, Tuscan nobleman, with Françoise on the French Riviera.
  • His sister, Diletta, married, has a shop bric a brac in Amsterdam.
  • Giselle, from Singapore, is the girlfriend of Lorenzo.
  • The elder brother, Lorenzo, is the doctor in Singapore.
  • Diletta of her husband, Karim, Iran, is the official in Amsterdam.
Coast + Weber + Ahaus
Coast + Weber + Ahaus

Based in this fictional family, Coast + Weber + Ahaus proposes

FOR WOMEN: Dresses souvenir

Exciting colors: blue -turquoise-emerald-green. Red-pink-magenta. White Indian.

Indigo parade: fabric, sluggishness and processes from the jeans. Poplin, gabardine, linen mixed. Dyed yarn, corroded, with decorations of gros grain. With single prints of polka dots, tone on tone. Or to match Hawaiian fantasies, Provence or cashmere.

Travel memories: Caftan, trousers suave, Indian gauze, ramier, raw cotton but luxuriously embroidered.

FOR MEN: World Wide Wardrobe

Forms from the world: Texas and Hawaiian shirts, trousers Pajama Moroccan tunic

Fantasy globetrotting: Provence, in primary colors, cashmere from India, then hibiscus Hawaiian, Chinese and more reasons, pad printing, worn by time but indelible, as memories.

Colors: indigo, Indian red earth and brown hot.