House of the Very Island
House of the Very Island

PARIS, Jun 29, 2009 / FW/ — Entitled ‘Accumulation + 5’, the House of the Very Island Spring 2010 collection continues to explore the casual unisex look that center around the use of geometric elements of pattern drawing.

With a very eclectic inspiration that ranges from the cityscape of the anime movie Tekkon Kinkreet to photos taken by China-based photojournalist Sean Gallagher and the installations by the artist Cornelia Parker resembling fragmented pieces of matter, frozen in time, there was a dissociative element that made the collection interesting.

And though there was obvious disassociation, the uniting factor is the vision of ‘exploding cities’ both contemporary and futuristic, which were translated into distorted layered patterns and hybrid shapes.

Visual starting points were images of quickly growing, self organizing urban structures where informal settlements and intentional town planning overlap until they dissolve into permanently changing diversity.

Staying true to their eco-friendly design philosophy, Marcus Hausleitner and Karin Krapfenbauer, the designers behind the label chose hand-woven organic cotton (checks), organic cotton jerseys, soja/bamboo/cotton blends, hemp, linen and hemp blends for materials.

Warm red, red, turquoise blue, dark yellow were the dominant colors while some of the fabrics are hand painted with plant dyes to create a toned-down colorfulness.

Paris Menswear Spring 2010