L’Oreal Celebrates 100 Years of Beauty

Laurent Attal and Andie MacDowell

Laurent Attal and Andie MacDowell

NEW YORK, Jun 6, 2009 / FW/ — Be generous to life and life will be generous to you, goes an old saying that can aptly be applied to L’Oreal which incidentally celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and commemorated it Thursday by giving back around the globe.

Last Jun 4th, across the US, 3,000 plus L’Oreal employees rolled up their sleeves and provided over 12,000 hours of volunteer service in their communities.

From helping unemployed adults prepare to re-enter the workforce and building children’s bicycles, to playing bingo with seniors and caring for sheltered pets, L’Oreal employees worked together and dedicating their time and talent toward the common goal of making their local communities more beautiful.

Since its founding a century ago, L’Oreal’s focus has always been about beauty. From a single product to an international family of beauty brands, L’Oreal, the worldwide leader in cosmetics, has led the beauty industry for the past 100 years with a rich history of innovation, product development and corporate responsibility.

In an effort to look beyond economic success and make a positive contribution to the consumers and communities it serves, L’Oreal celebrates its centennial by supporting “generosity projects” aimed at helping those less fortunate, in more than 60 countries.



“At L’Oreal, we believe that sustainable growth can only be achieved when you act as a responsible corporate citizen,” said Laurent Attal, President and CEO, L’Oreal USA. “As a citizen of the world, we support projects that serve the wider community and which reflect the values we have upheld for almost a century.”

L’Oreal has been working since 1909 to make beauty an accessible reality, developing products that meet the cultural preferences and beauty needs around the globe. Today, L’Oreal operates in more than 130 countries, markets more than 80,000 products across 23 leading beauty brands, develops more than 5,000 new formulas each year, and, in 2008 alone, filed 628 patents.

“The quest for beauty is an instinctive and fundamental human need,” continued Mr. Attal. “For the past 100 years, it has been our mission to give women and men, the tools they need to enhance their beauty and well-being, and we will continue to do so as we look towards the next century.”