Annie Havlicek Fall 2009NEW YORK, Jul 13, 2009 / FW/ — While other designers are mining the 1980s, New York-based designer Annie Havilcek went all to way back the 1920s, specifically the Prohibition era for her inspiration.

With an item driven collection featuring intricate hand-beading, drop waistlines, vintage inspired buttons and patent leather piping, it is the details of the collection that make the pieces pop. Prints are both feminine and modern.

Havlicek integrates classic looks with contemporary innovation to make a revolutionary original collection.

Inspired by the femme fatale’s of the 1920s and vintage lingerie, the Chicago-native brings an understated glamour back into fall fashion. Enraptured with stories of her grandparents smuggling booze in accordions, Annie shows her version via pleated tops and dressers. Drawing from photos of speakeasies and jazz slingers, one of her statement skirts was adapted from a pair of ruffled bloomers.

Tops and skirts are adorned with tiers of sheer fabric in an array of colors. Hand-sewn beads shimmer on flouncy silhouettes while belted wool coats with vintage inspired buttons lend a more structured quality. Dresses with t-shirt tops and delicate pleated silk bottoms balance elegance with wearability.

In one dress a girly slip and lace bottom is juxtaposed with a menswear-inspired vest top. Prints that evoke pheasant feather headbands and leather straps on fluttery tanks add unexpected modernity to an iconic time period.

Colors ranging from a light toffee, to military green to icy pale blue are intertwined with statement pieces in black, ivory and pale pink.

Each of the outfits are transitory, and can be styled for either day or night. Nonchalant and mysterious, feminine with an edged as the feeling of the women from the underground of that time.

Annie Havlicek is available at Anthropologie.

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Photos by  Je f f Mos i e r, courtesy of Annie Havlicek