Barbara Bui Fall 2009PARIS, Jul 25, 2009 / FW/ — From the beginning, the house of Barbara Bui has given leather its own unique twist, creating pieces that push the boundaries of the expected.

And for Fall 2009 / Winter 2010, Barbara Bui once again raises the bar on her iconic leather as she reinvents her own DNA by adding a dose of snakeskin and suede thus taking the rock silhouettes to the extreme.

The mood is the 1980s and once again, Barbara Bui provides her own interpretation. Trousers, t-shirts and even dresses in the softest leather have come to symbolize this innovative vision of freedom and fashion.

“I love leather, its elegance, its sensuality when you touch it, the energy it emits. It’s a gorgeously vivacious fabric that you can wear like a second skin,” says Barbara Bui.

With leather is the crux of the collection, the French designer gave it a playful approach as she contrasted styles, influences and fabrics; sometimes even in the pieces themselves.

Think painstakingly beautiful embroidery to perfect a sleeve or a slashed back detail on a chiff on dress. The look is part 1980s collage, part disco mirror ball queen.

Explained Barbara Bui, “the leather, which is treated like a couture fabric, both epitomizes and defies the typical rock image, with expertly constructed pieces that combine embroidery with a sculptural aesthetic,” on her new approach.

Pushing the boundaries further still, leather become the must-wear fabric for the evening this winter, worn in unexpected ways. Metallic leather has replaced the classic sequins, sparkles and silk. Simply captivating!