Masatomo Menswear Spring 2010
Masatomo Menswear Spring 2010

PARIS, Jul 1, 2009 / FW/ — It’s a sweet and upbeat goodbye as MASATOMO takes its final bow and RYNSHU takes its place. Following the Japanese tradition of changing your name when you reach a turning point in your life, Rynshy will change the brand name from MASATOMO to RYNSHU beginning Fall 2010/Winter 2011 collection.

In other words, this is Masatomo’s final catwalk show because in January, it is being reborn as RYNSHU to enlarge the designer’s creative world. And Masatomo fans need not worry. The designer Rynshu will continue to be at the creative helm and he will continue to show in Paris.

So, for Masatomo’s finale, Rynhsu chose to celebrate despite the gloomy financial market that has everyone worried in the four corners of the globe.

To Rynshu, the financial crisis is cyclical; it happens every 100 years. So his recommendation – move forward with a positive attitude, continue to create beautiful things and gorgeous clothes for pleasure.

To do that, he brought everyone to the islands of the South Pacific. “Enjoy oneself and have a good time,” Rynshu says. And for this trip of optimism, he created the ‘formal casual’ style in the images of the islands.

The blue sky, the sea and the luminous clouds were printed using ink jet techniques and used on trousers, suit jackets, shirts and drawstring pants.

A double weaving fabric, made with a mixture of linen, cotton, polyamide and viscose, was dyed beforehand and cut vertically, horizontally and on the bias, showing through like a window blind. This textile is designed in striped black and white.

For that luxurious feel but rebellious attitude, Rynhsu used leather that is very light, soft to the touch and comfortable to wear during a summer evening. Relief details on the shoulder blade of the short jacket and blouson in white, light gray and black. Rynshu has also put a shoulder line dart so that the width looks narrower and tighter than usual.

To make the knee length trousers, bonded on the reverse side, and the easy pants in the sarouel style, Rynshu used the French flag, as well as several from Africa (a wink to South Africa where the next world cup 2010 will be held).

The silk mesh hooded zipped tops in light gray and the marine striped knit in silk, rayon, and viscose, are softer and lighter than before, so that you could layer them easily during a hot summer.

Must have accessories – the sneakers, adorned with Swarovski crystals and the long boots white, black and red details making it look like a ladder!

Paris Menswear Spring 2010