Store Windows in Dallas - Barneys New YorkDALLAS, Jul 15, 2009 – From Mr. Potato Head to an imaginary camp fire, Barneys New York store windows are proving to be the most eye-catching and stop-on-your-tracks display at Northpark Mall.

Last May, I was lamenting the fact how boring the store windows at Northpark had become, even partly blaming the recession for it but asking the visual merchandisers why they allow such a state of affairs to happen, I believe I got my answer this month.

Alright, it was not because I wrote those things that all of a sudden the store windows at Barneys New York here in Dallas lived up to what I’m used to in their New York location.

That said, I would like to reiterate that while shooting these photos, I literally have to wait to take the shot. Passersby literally stop and check out Mr. Potato Head, even make comments. Some of them even entered the store after checking out the store window.

Photos by Mari Davis