AT&T Mobile Store
AT&T Mobile Store

NEW YORK, Aug 17, 2009 / FW/ — The more things changed, the more it stays the same…

First it was the pop-up store that though it has been credited as has been started by Comme des Garcons’ Rei Kawakubo, the concept actually comes from the Middle Ages when people used to hold fairs and the stores / merchants were only there for a month or however long the fair was.

And, now, AT&T is introducing the roving retail store, a mobile store that goes from city to city with the aim of bringing AT&T services in areas where the company has limited brick-and-mortar locations.

This is a novel idea for the 21st century, but as late as the first half of the 20th century, “mobile” merchants either using a horse and carriage or an automobile, were a big part of the American retail landscape.

The AT&T traveling store is a 31-foot AT&T-branded retro-fitted RV equipped with the latest wireless devices, and manned by a team of sales and service experts with plans to traverse Vermont over the next several weeks, making more than two dozen stops between now and the end of October.

“There is a lot of ground to cover. We’re looking forward to getting out there and meeting our customers, especially those transitioning from Unicel, and helping them find the right wireless solution to meet their individual needs,” said Steve Krom, vice president and general manager, AT&T New England.

“If we can save some folks a little time and gas money by bringing our store closer to their home, that’s a nice bonus as well.”

AT&T plans to add more mobile retail store stop later in the year. For more information or to request a tour stop in your community, please contact your local AT&T-owned retail store.

There are ten AT&T-owned retail locations in Vermont. AT&T’s products and services are also available at a number of authorized dealer and national retail locations.

To find out more details about AT&T’s wireless coverage in Vermont or anywhere in the United States, consumers can go to