loreal_100_years1LOS ANGELES, Aug 30, 2009 / FW/ — One hundred years of beauty and L’Oreal is still out there doing their research. The World Beauty Leader recently conducted an international beauty survey on how the current economy is affecting the beauty market. Over 4,000 women in the U.S. and Europe were asked about their beauty regiments and how, if anything, things have changed since living in the face of recession.

Surprising or not, the survey found that women are not sacrificing beauty in tough times. Majority of the women felt that wearing makeup made them look and feel better. Some even thought that the effects of make-up were advantageous in the work place.

Being a woman has changed over the years so that the power women and sexual icon are blending, interchangeably in some cases. Being successful doesn’t mean being asexual anymore and the beauty market shows this. While the survey shows that a larger percentage of women are veering towards more toned down and natural looks then before, the desire for make-up is still there.

With L’Oreal’s 100 year mark they are still aimed at understanding the consumer and making beauty accessible to the general public. If women are not compromising on beauty then the beauty market still has a big job on their hands, to make women feel and act more confident. Even if natural beauty is big right now, make-up is still in demand to create that effect and give women the confidence they desire.

[Lisa Helm]