Spanish FlagNEW YORK, Aug 28, 2009 / FW/ — Rounding up the Spanish designers showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Joaquin Trias joins Custo Dalmau, David Dolphin and Toni Francesc at Bryant Park when he debuts TRIAS on the runway on Sep 17, 2009.

Billed as the next big force in the fashion industry, Joaquin Trias’ search for the clean, pure, perfect, and innovative silhouette finally finds its mark.

Each design is a true architectural masterpiece, with special effects generated through not only exceptionally worked lines but also the election of materials and finishing.

Trías is always searching for the perfect textiles to create more sensual effects with riskier finishing, empowering the exclusivity of each item.

A native of Spain, Joaquin Trias grew up between the towns of Marbella and Madrid. Educated by an aristocratic family, Joaquin learned the essence and respect for elegance from an early age.

The inspiration for TRIAS comes from the sublime and discreet elegance transmitted by the designer’s two grandmothers, Cristina Sartorius and Frida Trías. Cristina Satorius, Countess of Quiroga, exuded an untouchable and pure elegance with reserve while Frida Trías, model and muse of Balenciaga, was the person who initiated Joaquin in the fashion world through her glamour “par excellence”, seduction through distance and mystery, and knowledge of every detail of luxury without ostentation.

This feminine, generational inspiration for the line combined with Trías’s yearning for perfection, has created a brand that exuberates respect and strength towards the sophisticated woman.

Modern, universal, aggressive in its forms, the TRIAS style is a concept of perfect lines for an unbeatable woman.