LONDON, Aug 16, 2009 / FW/ — Usually, it’s the UK who exports their singing talents to the U.S.; with Taylor Swift, it’s the other way around. The American country pop singer-songwriter is finding herself a lot of followers in the British Isles to the point that she landed the cover on the September 2009 issue of Bliss, a popular UK magazine for teens.

Taylor Swift on the cover of Bliss Magazine UK
Taylor Swift on the cover of Bliss Magazine UK

For the Bliss cover, Taylor Swift chose to wear the striped bustier “Rita” gown by Untitled 11:11 that was created in eco-friendly Khadi fabric by Laurel Anderson and David Peck, the design duo behind Untitled 11:11.

Both graduates of Parsons-Paris School of Design, Laurel and David premiered the first Untitled 11:11 collection in September 2008 immediately gathering a cult following for their completely sustainable fashion philosophy.

Fusing European high fashion with American sensibility, Laurel Anderson and David Peck aim to continuously create eco-friendly collections using sustainable and natural fibers such as hemp, bamboo and silk.

They also exclusively employ fair trade fabrics, low-impact dyes and printing methods. Carefully selected vintage buttons and trimmings make each garment unique, as do seasonal collaborations with local artists, inspiring hand-painted and digital prints.

The result is a sophisticated and age-less collection, which is quickly becoming a favorite of celebrities such as Taylor Swift.

Photo courtesy of Bliss Magazine