Alexander Michael Snyder Spring 2010NEW YORK, Sep 10, 2009 / FW/ –Although Frida Kahlo, an internationally popular Mexican Painter, has been deceased for half a century, she lives through the debut of Alexander Michael Snyder’s collection “Kahlo” for Spring/Summer 2010.

Frida articulated her pain and sexuality through mostly self portraits, but Snyder decided to give her depression more life through his collection.

It was apparent that Snyder’s inspiration came from Frida who played with vivacious hues in a style that was influenced by indigenous cultures of Mexico and European influences including realism, symbolism and surrealism.

Models with fresh faces and floral headpieces graced the runway in a vibrant color palette of mustard, olive, navy and burning red; with the use of bright opaque tights by WeLoveColors. com, they’ve left viewers in a warmer mood than the weather has produced all summer.

Snyder’s produced a twenty-four piece collection composed of blouses, high-waisted dresses and skirts, jumpers, gaucho pants, boleros, and boyfriend trousers with the use of silk, taffeta, cotton sateen, georgette, charmeuse and lace. With the launch of this collection, Snyder hopes to be known for his dedication to fine tailoring and exceptional quality. Snyder believes that fashion design is about creation and discovering the most appropriate architecture and fit of the body.
Frida Kahlo’s was often remembered as just Diego Rivera’s wife. It was not until the artistic movement,

“Neomexicanismo” in the 1980’s, that she became prominent. Hopefully for Snyder it will not take him decades of collections to become prominent in the fashion community. As Snyder matures as a designer, I look forward to seeing a less sterile and a more courageous collection.


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