Brian Reyes Spring 2010 BackstageNEW YORK, Sep 15, 2009 / FW/ — It was one of those moments that was almost never was; but it was worth all the stress and running around to see Brian Reyes in action backstage.

Almost missing the time allotted for backstage due to a prior appointment, I rushed to Bryant Park this morning to interview Brian Reyes. Though I was early for my time slot, I was politely told that interviews were to be given after the show, not before, as I was expecting.

A little bit surprised with the change in schedule, I still proceeded backstage only to find that a documentary featuring Brian Reyes was being filmed, which actually explained the change of plans.

Watching the tableau in front of me, I became a spectator. The scene was not staged. This was the real backstage, about 30 minutes before the allotted time for the show.

Models were on make up while the other half was being dressed. And Brian Reyes was the epitome of cool, as in very focused while under pressure and also under the klieg lights. He was giving instructions to his assistants, doing the final touches on models and even posing for the cameras when asked.

The cameras and the journalists were following him around. He was aware of them, but he never allowed their presence to deter him from the task at hand – the fashion show. It was now 15 minutes before showtime.

The models were ready; the make-up artists were done with their finishing touches; the dressers had done their final check; the house lights dimmed, the music starts and you hear the fashion show coordinator tell the first girl “Go!”

The Brian Reyes Spring 2010 collection had begun.

Photos by Mari Davis