Heart brooch
Heart brooch

NEW YORK, Sep 27, 2009 / FW/ — Joining with The Libby Ross Foundation, Swarovski will help raise funds for the charity’s Yoga Program for Breast Cancer Survivors by donating 10% of sales of its Pink Accessories collection during the month of October.

Swarovski’s breast cancer awareness collection includes the pink Erika pendant (retail $220), the pink Power bag (retail $850), the pink Glam cardholder (retail $190), and a pink heart shaped brooch (retail $65).

All of the pink products will be available at Swarovski’s 220 boutiques nationwide and on www.swarovski.com this October.

“Swarovski is proud to support a program that provides yoga classes for women recovering from breast cancer, addressing both their psychological and physical needs,” said Livia Marotta, Head of Communications for Swarovski North America Limited CGB.

Swarovski’s relationship with The Libby Ross Foundation began in 2003. The foundation’s Yoga Program for Breast Cancer Survivors offers free yoga classes to women recovering from breast cancer.

The classes are designed to address the specific needs and physical restrictions of breast cancer survivors. The classes also provide breast cancer survivors the opportunity to bond with other women who have had or who are currently being treated for the disease.

“Thanks to Swarovski’s generous support over the years, we have been able to greatly expand our yoga program and help thousands of women,” said Lori Ross, founder of The Libby Ross Foundation.