MILAN, Sep 26, 2009 / FW/ — In 1995, in the movie ‘Showgirls,’ the lead character named Nomi Malone played by Elizabeth Berkley was shopping at the Versace Boutique at the Caesar’s Palace Forum and mispronounced Versace to “Ver-says” wherein the other lead character Zack Carey played by Kyle MacLachlan immediately corrected Nomi.

“It’s Versace”, Zack told Nomi matter-of-factly. Seeing the Spring 2010 collection unveiled last night at the Piazza Vetra, the first description that came to mind was Zack Carey’s line, “It’s Versace.”

Versace Spring 2010

Stamped mini bustier dresses, long-sleeved prints on yellow leotards paired with transparent drop-down waist mini and one shoulder gowns with a keyhole on the side and thigh-high slits, it’s an uber sexy collection that has all the chromosomes of the Versace DNA that also borders on futurism.

Yet, was Donatella really thinking of a futuristic look, or is she just thinking of the maison’s signature silhouettes?

Gianni Versace, the maison’s founder and Donatella’s brother had a unique vision that transcended time. Gone for a decade, Gianni’s influence on fashion still exists, not only in the house that bears his name but in other labels.

And as Donatella interprets the archives, the futuristic quality remains though years had passed when the silhouette was originally conceived. That her vision remains fresh, albeit overtly sexy more often than not, the look, the feel, the atmosphere that is Versace permeates in every piece in the collection.

Just for that alone, the collection deserves praise; as for other reasons, it will take longer to write it than the time I have right now.