Antonio MiroMADRID, Oct 27, 2009 / FW/ — Inspired by Edward Hopper, Antonio Miro interpreted loneliness via color and silhouettes; loneliness as an introspective journey seeking the essence of oneself, in a world of savage over-saturation.

It is like living an adventure, such as that of a Robinson Crusoe of our times, of beginning a solitary journey in search of oneself.

And in this interpretation, Antonio Miro came up with light and simple garments of the purest origin as seen in the cotton voile in very light jackets, very short shorts, ankle trousers and, in general, everything expressed in ample sizes which help to create this sensation of freshness, light and space.

Fabrics with watery feel, clean and transparent and they look almost like wet fabrics in subtle, luminous shades ranging from natural white to grays, stones, blues and aquatic greens, alternating the personality and decision of desert pink, red, deep green, navy blue and brown hues. Prints are for highlights, the outline and the energetic spot, a symbol of self-determination.

Since Antonio Miro started out in the fashion world in the 70s to date, Antonio Miró has been characterized by his coherence and loyalty to his own absolutely unmistakable style.

His firm commitment to the research of new materials and shapes, at the service of an extraordinary creative capacity, presided by good taste, quality and know-how has received an excellent response from the end members of the public who identify with the Antonio Miró style.