Art Week Style.UzPARIS, Oct 16, 2009 / FW/ — On Oct 12, 2009, the annual wide-scale culture, arts and fashion event – Art Week Style.Uz 2009 opened in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

A week-long festival slated from October 12th through the 17th, the 2009 Art Week Style.Uz adheres to its best traditions, wherein during the week, it will combine exhibitions and presentations, young designers and photographers competitions, National Dress Festival, local and international stylists defiles, master-classes from arts and culture professionals, charity concerts and club parties by world stage stars.

Art Week – is a crossroad of arts, traditions and modernity. For four years now the Week impresses with its scale and dynamics, versatility of its events and attracts more and more attention of the world most famous figures.

The format of ‘the Week of Art’ has been initially set as a concept of Style.Uz by the project’s main initiator and leader – Gulnara Karimova, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Forum of culture and arts of Uzbekistan Foundation (the Fund Forum).

‘The concept is completely different from that of fashion-week, because it compiles photography and antique exhibitions, concerts and presentations and, obviously, fashion shows’, says Gulnara Karimova. Young talents support, providing grants for textile and weaving masters, who build their activities on reviving of ancient professional techniques – is what Style.Uz is making its main efforts in.

On October 12th, the first day of the 2009 Art Week Style.Uz, the Applied Arts, Design and Fashion Exhibition opened its doors. This wide-scale exposition brings together unique masterpieces of best applied arts professionals and contemporary brand’s seasonal hits in one space.

There is a trendy applied art on one side and designer’s artistic fashion on the other. It is not an argument between fashion and applied art, they rather harmoniously co-exist with each other, being together a part of contemporary art.

The exhibition includes works done by famous masters from IJOD (Creativity) artists, arts professionals and national masters of Uzbekistan Association, together with modern clothing, accessories designed by both established and amateur stylists, works of young creators (i.e. interior design, wed-design). Starting from the first day of the Art Week the exhibition also includes jewelry show-rooms and famous brands new collections.