PARIS, Oct 5, 2009 / FW/ — When Lindsay Lohan was named Artistic Advisor for Emanuel Ungaro, it already raised a red flag among the fashion crowd. And though nobody had asked that question that time, it took Ms. Lohan’s disastrous debut at the venerable French fashion house for the someone to query why a troubled 23-year old not even known for her fashion sense was given the creative helm albeit just half of it at a high profile maison.

Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2010

To be fair, Artistic Director Estrella Archs brought the house’s signature pink back on the runway, which actually was something loyal Ungaro fans appreciated. The trouble started when the house’s signature prints were all banished and replaced with hearts! Well… the clothes may “HEART” the runway, but there was no love coming from the audience.

In a business wherein we literally look at what we will see in store shelves 6 months prior, the collection unveiled by Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan are getting so much bad press right now – from Twitter, to Facebook and of course the traditional press, the chances of the collection reaching store shelves is getting slimmer every time a bad review surfaces.

Of course, chances are the commercial collection, usually reserved for showroom visits might be really something covetable and we should actually hope so because the label Emanuel Ungaro is still dear a lot of fashionistas’ hearts.