Lialia at Harlem Fashion Row
NEW YORK, Oct 24, 2009 / FW/ — On October 15, at the Gatehouse located on Harlem’s City College campus, Harlem’s Fashion Row presented “Collections” spring 2010 which featured designers LiaLia, Dinna Soliman and Jose Duran.

The young piano prodigy set the tone as fashionistas, bloggers, writers, press and media overflowed, spilling into the venue. Most did a double take in awe as he classically entertained guests mid-runway as they positioned themselves to capture an extravaganza dedicated to changing the face of fashion.

The show commenced with LiaLia who set a high standard for the evening. Models streamed down the runway with slick back hair and dewy faces portraying a slightly wet look. Inspired by their travels,

LiaLia designers Julia and Natalia Alarcon created a collection contrived from the reflection of light on water. Each piece is based on a place that has a unique light that emits on the water, engineering colors and depth that deviate in intensity and hue.

LiaLia’s garments are composed of fine fabrics and intricate craftsmanship; meticulously constructed pieces designed from all angles seeped through as models were garbed in jumpsuits and cascade dresses in flickering wet silk and lurex.

The vibrancy in color from skin tone in contrast to a minimal color palette, composed of light aqua, blushed silks and waxed linen with a slight opal finish, produced an exquisite balance of light and dark.

It was evident within the first piece, a café colored dress constructed from French levers lace over peridot in silk/cotton, that not only did the collection capture the importance of beautifully detailed pieces in intricate pleating, but it also ornately depicted the ripples in a stream almost as if they had been literally draped into the garment.

While encompassing that fun and youthful element, LiaLia is a modern interpretation of classic elegance. This collection has soaked us through and will forever stay drenched in our memories.