PARIS, Oct 6, 2009 / FW/ — Junko Shimada continues to titillate our imagination with her dominatrix of the desert in their towering spike heels that screeching sex appeal and demand our attention, which by the way is metaphorically the exact opposite of her Fall 2009 show wherein pregnant nuns silently screamed to get noticed.

Junko Shimada Spring 2010

A mix of geometric and organic shapes, Junko Shimada proposes macramé ponchos, tribal sand-colored suede duster riding coats that are beaded and oversized knits in abstract prints.

There is also that ‘good girl turned bad’ attitude in the black and gold leather jodhpurs, black patent leather figure hugging dresses and bustiers and in the psychedelic-printed silks.

With gold coil and plexi cube necklaces, there is a reference to the 1960s Space Age, when space was truly the final frontier and not just a line on a television program.