Serguei Povaguin Spring 2010MADRID, Oct 30, 2009 / — The Serguei Povaguin Spring 2010 press notes, Charo Mora wrote:

A collection’s origin is always uncertain and, on occasions, is the designer’s best kept secret. It is a journey which begins on filling the mythical blank page with the first sketches and which takes on strength as the trade is put into practice.

The work process is the great fashion adventure, which includes all the phases involved in the creation of the piece, ranging from white toiles to mannequin tests, modelling and choosing the fabrics, the skin the garments breathe through. It is a succession of silent steps that are undertaken in the designer’s private space, his atelier. It is to these that this collection is dedicated.

A Russian native, Serguei Povaguin moved to Spain when he was a teenager. He studied at and graduated in textile design and fashion from the Advanced Design College in Sabadell and from Southampton University. Since 1998, he has lived in Barcelona, the city where he has his workshop.

His most noteworthy projects include “I love Spain”, receiving the Pure White award for the Best Collection at ModaFad, in summer 2002, and “Flamenco”, which was shown at London Graduate Fashion Week, in May 2004; at Berliner Durcheise Preview, in July 2004, and at Genial Fashion STIB –Barcelona International Textile Fair, in September 2004–. Both collections are influenced by movement and dance, especially flamenco and 30s’ ballroom dances.

Since February 2008, he has shown three collections at el Ego de Cibeles, Madrid Fashion Week. In September 2008, he won the L’Oréal Award for the Best Collection for his 2009 spring-summer collection in the El Ego de Cibeles fashion show. In February 2009, he once again won the L’Oréal Award for the Best Collection for his 2009/10 Autumn-Winter collection in the El Ego de Cibeles fashion show.

He also regularly takes part in the Rendez-Vous Femme showroom during Paris Fashion Week.