Divine Design
Divine Design

NEW YORK, Oct 28, 2009 / FW/ — Unveiled last Oct 23rd, the Fifth Ave store windows of Bergdorf Goodman feature the new Dell Adamo notebooks. Yes, you heard it right; Bergdorf Goodman has gone high tech and Dell has gone high street!

A collaboration between Bergdorf Goodman’s Senior Director of Visual Presentation David Hoey, Dell and Douglas Little, a self-described “sybarite of the senses” and who has created award-winning images and ideas, the store windows feature the Dell Adamo notebooks with skins designed by Douglas Little.

Entitled “Tales of Technology”, the six store windows have their own themes and named after the skin of the Dell Adamo laptop with the Douglas Little skin:

Divine Design

The window has three mannequins “sitting” under a gigantic mannequin, the concept similar to the Russian Matryoshka doll also known as the Russian nested doll.

There is a sinister feeling in the window, perhaps designed with Halloween in mind.

Of course, the laptop (seen in the center held by a mannequin with a bald eagle head) has a black background and golden asterisks with red crystals, very reminiscent of medieval Europe. Or for video game players, these mannequins are supposed to be black mages in RPG.

Webmaster / Master of the Web
Webmaster / Master of the Web

The Divine Design Dell Adamo shared the limelight with Oscar De La Renta, Alberta Ferretti, Matthew Williamson, Valentino, Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen.

Webmaster/Master the Web

An obvious pun for the internet and of course the techie who takes care of a website, the webmaster.

The Webmaster/Master the Web store window features a mannequin “trapped” in a spider web made of Swarovski crystals and spiders with her Webmaster Dell Adamo notebook.

The Princess and the PC

An “of today” interpretation of the fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea” that says only a real princess can feel the pea underneath a pile of mattresses.

With a laser-etched mother-of-pearl design and a simulated pearl to represent the “pea”, The Princess & the PC is the slimmest laptop available, rivaled only by the MacAir.

The window shows a mannequin lying down a pile of mattresses under a canopy bed, while another mannequin holds The Princess & The PC for her.


 Reshaping Technology
Reshaping Technology

Reshaping Technology



A play on words, the Reshaping Technology notebook is “wearing” a crocodile skin corset and embellished with black Swarovski crystal.

And before you start thinking it has S&M written all over it, think again. This is still geekland. Think more of Orson Wells’ Time Machine, not the Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Seduce the Senses

A19th century opium den scene, and the laptop skin has Chinese dragons on a red background.

What the Future Holds

The laptop as tarot cards, the store window features three Dell Adamo laptops with a heart, signifying love. After all, Adamo means love in Latin.

Six windows, different themes, one story – falling in love with the Dell Adamo. Interestingly enough, the Dell Adamos are not available at Bergdorf Goodman. You can buy the Douglas Little designed Dell Adamo at www.elle.com/adamo

In short, these store windows are part of a cross promotion campaign. Now, who says that everything has to be social networking? Dell hit the perfect pitch on this one.