PARIS, Oct 3, 2009 / FW/ — Wearing a shirt that says “Get a Life,” when she took her bow, Dame Vivienne Westwood wants everyone punk’ed for Spring 2010 with an eye on the environment.

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2010 

Serious about this political stance, this is the second time that Dame Westwood has used global warming as her theme, the first time being last season when Pamela Anderson took the catwalk to emphasize the eco-friendly message.

This time, at her show, Vivienne Westwood distributed flyers saying “Act fast, slow down, stop climate change!”

As for the fashion, like most Vivienne Westwood shows, underneath all the bizarre make-up and get-up are treasures that fashionista will love. The black and white shorts, the bustier top, the leggings and even the frocks, all of them are actually wearable!

At first glance, with the punk hairdo and kabuki make-up, everything look costumey; yet take the theatrical styling and what is left are beautiful fashion.