PARIS, Oct 8, 2009 / FW/ — Since its inception, Wolfgang Joop has always taken a philosophical stance with Wunderkind. In his Spring 2010 entitled “Hurt & Heal”, the German designer recognizes the “hurt” (recession) that we all feel and then urges everyone to “heal” (recovery) via his thoughtful and romantic collection.

Wunderkind Spring 2010

“After a time of opulence and carelessness, healing has to come. The process of healing has its own grace, with the courage for revealing what was hidden for so long: fragility and vulnerability,” wrote Wolfgang Joop in his press notes.

Opening with black and electric blue leggings paired with a midnight blue Elizabethan coat zipped at the front, Joop strategically exposed the knees, an allegory to the many playground scratches that we all experienced as children.

Then, he followed it with a plaid pantsuit set of harem trousers and single-breasted jacket; again a symbolism on growing up and feeling protected.

That set the tone for collection. With shoes that had straps resembling bandages, Joop proposed laid open dresses, unveiling the body and then supported it with recompensed medical compression elements.

It’s beautiful; it’s thoughtful and full of hope. And most of all, it is of today and we can relate to it.