ana_locking_shoes08DALLAS, Nov 30, 2009 / FW/ — Perhaps Ana Locking is a closet blogger; her press notes sound more like an essay, which by the way is an easy read. For Spring 2010, she wrote:

“I try to keep a clear vision of things and seek new perceptions. I look for the evolution and pleasure in the roots of my creations.

I enjoy each collection as if it were the first, as if it were some sort of miracle. At this stage, I try to be strong in this radical simple innocence, despite the dark wisdom of life which always remains lingering around us.

I enjoy the illusive metaphor of the miracle; it’s like reinventing Life and Art.”

Obviously referring to her whole Spring 2010 collection, this can also be used to describe the shoes. Stiletto heels and platforms, Ana Locking proposes warrior shoes than any fashionista would love to have.