A.F. Vandevorst Guerilla Store Aktion IDALLAS & ANTWERP, Dec 18, 2009 / FW/ — WOW! That one word sums up the Guerilla Store Aktion I that popped up in Antwerp last night.

Designed to look like a World War II field hospital, Filip Arickx and An Vandevorst raised the artistry bar on pop up stores lifting it up from the humdrum atmosphere it has nowadays with mainstream retailers like Gap and Target dropping pop up stores regularly.

Of course, there is nothing mundane about A.F. Vandevorst. From the beginning, the GUERILLA STORE – AKTION I was planned to create a space in which people can fall into the world of A.F. Vandevorst; such a world that includes fashion, and more.

With the Antwerp location as the first one among many, Filip Arickx and An Vandevorst played on the label’s logo of a RED CROSS, thus creating a “hospital” that is a retail store!

With the words “AKTION I” written in military markings, hospital beds and bedside tables holding merchandise and display, complete with white curtains separating spaces, and the window display comprising of X-rays films, the ambiance is complete!

The A.F. Vandevorst Guerilla Store Aktion I will be in open in Antwerp until March 31, 2010 after which it will move to another city.