Julien Fournie Fall 2009DALLAS & PARIS, Dec 7, 2009 / FW/ — Christmas came early for Julien Fournié. The City of Paris has awarded him the Grand Prize of Creativity 2009 in the field of fashion design in the “Confirmed Designer” during the recently concluded design competition in the French capital.

With Ms. Lyne Cohen-Solal, Députy Mayor of Paris as Chairman, a panel of judges comprising of professionals and personalities in the field of fashion elected Julien Fournié as the winner.

A graduate of Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Julien Fournié was the Creative Director of Torrente Haute Couture before working as a consultant for several well-known ready-to-wear brands in Asia.

Coming back to Paris, he did the same in the field of luxury accessories; while concurrently expanding his creative efforts by collaborating on several press projects as an illustrator. It was while he was Creative Director of Ramosport that Julien concluded it is time to launch his own label.

Thus in July 2009, during the Paris Fall 2009 season, Julien Fournié unveiled his “Premiers Modèles” (First Pieces). In January 2010, he will unveil his “First Summer” collection during Paris couture week. In this collection, Fournié aims to create a new alliance between the haute couture and the “nonchalant” aspects of contemporary behavior.

Each year the City of Paris elects six designers to become the Brand Prizes of Creativity in three different disciplines and two categories: Fashion design, design and high craftsmanship.

Each prize distinguishes major designers for their overall work in the « confirmed » category and three other designers in the « junior » category. Each winner receives a prize of 8000 euros (approximately US$11,880)

The City of Paris Grand Prizes for Creativity 2009 will be solemnly awarded to Julien Fournié and the other winners during the « Paris Capitale de la Création » gala evening, which is to take place at the Paris Town Hall on January 22, 2010, just a few days before the launch of Paris Haute Couture.

Photo: Black coat in lacquered staraw bordered with Saga Furs royal finraccoon by Julien Fournié shot on the roofs of Paris by David Benchitrit.