earth_moonDALLAS, Dec 31, 2009 / FW/ — New Year’s Eve is a blue moon. A rare occurrence by itself, hence the saying “once in a blue moon,” a blue moon only occurs every 2.7 years and 2009 fall in that category. As for a blue moon occurring during New Year, it is rarer with a 19-year cycle.

I usually follow lists during New Year and this year there are definitely lots of lists from the worst celebrity gaffs to the list of Tiger Wood’s mistresses.

But, once in a New Year’s blue moon, I’m going to make my own list. It might not be as entertaining as the other lists, but hey, this only occurs once every 19 years!

My Favorite Things in 2009

1. Walking my Jack Russell Terrier

If there was something I enjoyed so much whole year round it is walking my Jack Russell Terrier who always elicits a comment one way or another. Cute as always (it’s not just a dog owner saying that), my little JRT always get noticed and being told she is beautiful, which sometimes she appreciate by licking your face or act disgruntled by barking, which of course starts another round of comments.

2. Watching my elderly neighbor walk her two dogs.

With a pair of Basset hounds in tow, my 80-year old neighbor, whom I will call here Mrs. H, thinks of walking her two pooches her exercise. For me, it is a daily fashion show because believe it or not, she has the most gorgeous wardrobe.

“There are more days behind me than ahead, so I’m wearing everything I have in my wardrobe,” she told me once when I commented on her Chanel suit.

Always dressed up, complete with pearls and kitten heels, Mrs. H, wears hats during springtime, carries an umbrella during summer or go “hatless” as she calls it, coats during fall and a fur coat during winter!

I do admire her; I don’t think she is overdressed. She is from a time wherein being out of the house means dressing up. Some might call her eccentric, but for me, Mrs. H is the best dressed woman in our neighborhood.

3. Star Trek

Some would say that Avatar, G.I. Joe or Transformer is better, but to me, JJ Abrams reboot of this very popular franchise is the best in the sci-fi genre this year for movies. Lovingly written and carefully executed, JJ Abrams, the actors and the whole production crew stayed within the accepted Star Trek lore but made their roles and of course the production their own.

4. NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles

I was a Navy wife, my husband serving honorably for 20 years before retiring; NCIS was pre-sold to me, even during its maiden season. Of course, I knew it initially as NIS (Naval Investigative Service) before the Navy officially changed its name to NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service).

With NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles currently being the #1 TV show and the #1 New Show, respectively, I guess you don’t have to have been connected with the military in any way to enjoy the shows.

5. Dallas White Christmas

A rarer occurrence than a blue moon, we finally had a white Christmas in Dallas after 83 years, the last white Christmas being in 1926. The snowstorm at Christmas Eve gave us a white blanket of snow Christmas morning, making the view from my front window look like a picture postcard.

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