zadig_voltaire05DALLAS, Dec 16, 2009 / FW/ — A perennial inspiration for designers, the military uniform continues to be the basis of modern day clothing. With the popularity of HALO 3 and the escalation of the Afghan war, the combat look is always on the small screen, be it on a video game or on the news.

Hence it is not surprising that the look is familiar, even strangely aspirational especially when you see ads on TV saying ‘The Army of One’ for the U.S. Army and ‘It’s not science fiction, it’s real’ for the U.S. Air Force.

Understanding the current zeitgeist, Zadig & Voltaire designed military looks for Spring 2010 that are practical, comfortable and subtle.

Gone are the overly severe jackets; the look has been softened with jeweled detailing (jewel-encrusted shoulders and pins on the pocket for the Tamy shirt) and metal rivets.

Independent, with a conquering spirit, the Zadig & Voltaire woman must be ready to face the urban jungle. In high heels, a “carrot-leg” jumpsuit (Mecano) and Japanese-style sarouel trousers.

Already familiar with military fashion, men enjoy styling themselves thanks to a variety of garments that are easy to coordinate. Never exactly the same, the army look can be spiced up in any number of ways.

Decorative embroidery (on the Tyma shirt), a touch of sailor chic (on the Malaga fitted sailor’s jacket) and a blend of materials (cotton and linen), as seen on the Pump fatigues.

Zadig & Voltaire is available in the US at their New York and Los Angeles retail stores.