Jenna Elfman and Chevy Chase
Jenna Elfman and Chevy Chase

DALLAS, Jan 8, 2010 / FW/ — Players of the Final Fantasy game understand the importance of crystals and when you are a crystal bearer, you have magic. Perhaps, we don’t need to live in a video game to have magic. Win a People’s Choice Award and you become a Crystal Bearer.

Winners of the recently concluded 2010 People’s Choice Award were given a 14-inch Waterford crystal trophy. Handcrafted in Ireland by Water ford artisans, the trophy is valued at nearly $10,000. But, it’s monetary value is only secondary to the honor that the winners garnered.

It is magic! The magic of entertainment, of being available to make audiences laugh, cry, swoon, even identify with. This magic is so important that during an entertaining onstage moment, actor Chevy Chase broke a trophy in half to share with actress Jenna Elfman, declaring that they both deserved an award.

It was not just at People’s Choice Awards that the magic of the crystal was experienced and observed. The Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball – made of 2,668 custom designed Waterford Crystal triangles – dazzled millions as it welcomed Jan. 1, while thousands of people around the world downloaded the company’s new “Clink-Clink” iPhone application to make virtual New Year’s toasts with Waterford stemware.

So, are you a Crystal Bearer?