get_lostS1023MILAN, Jan 2, 2010 —Founded in 2008 by husband and wife team Filippo Zucchelli and Serena Rimmacci, Get Lost has gained a very loyal following though it is barely two years old.

Sold in 220 outlets worldwide, 160 of which is in Italy, Get Lost’s youthful and rebellious vision of street fashion with Italian sensibilities makes it an instant favorite the moment you try it on.

For Spring / Summer 2010, Rimacci Serena, who designs the label (her husband Filippo Zucchelli takes care of the business side) concocted a delicious mix of vintage looks morphed into modern silhouettes with an added dash of jungle fever.

T-shirts printed with animals are layered under leather fringes that hang just under the shoulders giving an overall feel of rock ‘n roll.

Micro-fleece fabric are intentionally frayed to give the jackets a vintage look, and then surprisingly given a zipper as a practical closure.

Denim pants are proposed in different washes, and like the micro-fleece jacket, intentionally frayed to capture that “worn and used” look.The cargo pants are unstructured, military-inspired while the trouser are casual and comfortable.