Gustavo Lins Men Fall 2010PARIS, Jan 23, 2010 / FW/ — Men might be from Mars and women are from Venus, but in Gustavo Lins’ universe, they co-exist and together they exude a powerful eroticism.

Getting elements from the wardrobe of both sexes for his 014 Collection for men, Gustavo Lins blended pronounced shoulders, plunging necklines, finesse at the extremities, flat stomach and the ample curve of the back to create a sexually charged collection without showing any skin.

The graphic image he has chosen is that of a straight body struggling against the wind, with the spiral construction, now a well-established feature of his creative vocabulary, twirling the men’s striped shirts and the women’s narrow, ‘pencil line’ skirts.

The high-waisted, narrow legged trousers, inspired by the toreador, emphasize the body’s hollows and curves.

The shell coats and short reefer jackets are stripped of superfluous detail, like geometrically constructed yet flowing, sculptural carapaces.