PARIS, Jan 21, 2010 / FW/ — Two women inside a boxing ring slugging it out while the men walked around with blood on their faces and still wearing their boxing gloves, Jean Paul Gaultier, whether by design or by accident, rekindled the fighting spirit of heavyweight champion James J. Braddock, better known as Cinderella Man in his show this afternoon.


With a mix of boxing practice, athletes jumping rope and audio archives of the fights of Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) in the soundtrack, models paraded perfectly tailored suits and jackets, even hooded coats.

Trousers are either slouchy or slim fitting enough to define muscles. Speaking of defining muscles, a standout tee shirt seem like a page from Gray’s Anatomy as every sinew and abs were defined.

The clothes are just outstanding and very upbeat. And in our recession-weary world, Jean Paul Gaultier might as well be our Cinderella Man.