PARIS, Jan 28, 2010 / FW/ — Belts are so ubiquitous, worn by men and women that it does not even enter our minds that it can be a symbol of masculinity. But, Lucas Ossendrijver, men’s designer for Lanvin made the innocuous belt a machismo beacon.


From the strongman’s lifting belt, to the tuxedo cummerbund, even the straps of backpacks, Ossendrijver place the belt front and center in almost all the outfits. Still, the belts are just part of a bigger message which also includes comfortable lived-in clothes.

Sleeveless suit jackets with raw, unfinished edges, crumpled pants that look slept in and pullover shirts that were designed to look like they are inside out; to the Lanvin gent it’s about being comfortable in his surrounding and with himself.