romain_kremer01DALLAS, Jan 7, 2010 / FW/ — Inspired by the future, French designer Romain Kremer focused on the skin for Spring / Summer 2010. Transcending the pessimism about global warming and radioactivity, Kremer envisioned clothes as a second skin.

The fabric is treated like a second skin, the ultimate protection against UV. Aerodynamics, material is cut as close to the body.The circle is an essential element of design: it incorporates the concepts of infinity, and layers of skin.

Micro-tops combined with bathing suits, jackets sponge or transparent horsehair, are intended for a man sexy and confident. The body is expressed in response to isolation.

Some faces are hidden, suggesting suffocation and contrasting with the flowing drapery. Sheets and sponge turn evoke the spirit of free summer on the beach.

To complete his collection conceptual Romain Kremer uses MYKITA, the designers of the sheet metal eyewear, to develop eyeglasses attached. Cut in a stainless steel plate 0.5 mm thick, the frame ROMAN is remarkable for its metal shutters.

romain_mykitaIts design is rooted in the Inuit goggles, designed to cope with extreme conditions and blinding brightness, but without the traditional glasses.

Inspired by the motto protector Collection, the graphic shapes and square frame are reminiscent of war paint.

Runway Photos courtesy of Romain Kremer
Sunglasses photo courtesy of Mykita