Smalto Fall 2010PARIS, Jan 26, 2010 / FW/ — Inspired by the Mongolian history and heritage, designer Youn Chong Bak, creative director of Smalto added Eastern elements to European aesthetics resulting in a collection that has an air of mystery enveloped by sophistication.

Gray and black amidst dark earth tones remind you of the Asian steppes, an inscrutable feeling that is almost exciting and almost erotic.

Quilted windbreakers trimmed with fur, aviator jackets with fur collars, hooded jackets lined with shearling, it’s about keeping warm.

And, when you take off that outerwear, cashmere sweaters are revealed, suits and jackets of a metro male take center stage.

Thus, you start thinking that the jackets, the coats and windbreakers are like cocoons hiding these handsome butterflies that come out still with an air of mystery around them.

Photos courtesy of Smalto