PARIS, Jan 25, 2010 / FW/ — “The only boundaries which we are chained to are those we impose upon ourselves. They are controlled by our cultural, ancestral fears. Understanding and fighting our fears is the only possibility to reject the boundaries and emancipate ourselves from them,” wrote Yohan Serfaty in his press notes.


Unveiled tonight in Paris, the Yohan Serfaty menswear collection for winter 2010 is composed of leather or imitation leather jackets glue-backed in neoprene, assembled in interlocking, creating structures that are rigid and supple at the same time.

Other longer jackets, in the same concept, are raw cut in vegetal leather or in sheets of compact wool.
Inside the jackets and the coats, are masks mounted on zipped in removable breastplates, imparting on this elongated silhouette a somber aspect, which evokes the idea of protection.

The Yohan Serfaty collection preaches a vibrating and sensual style. Quite unisex.

“I do not make a difference between men and women. I believe that in our current era women are affirming their masculinity, men, on the other hand, are very much in touch with their feminine side. In some kind of way they’re joining each other in the middle. Nevertheless they still keep their personal mystery,” says Serfaty.