cardona_bonacheF1019BARCELONA, Feb 11, 2010 / — With the theme of their collection based on the “Lesson” theme, Fall 2010 is “Lesson 2: Darts, the beginning of volume” said Victor Cardona Marqués and Israel Frutos Bonache, the design duo behind the Cardona Bonache label.

And for Lesson 2,they saidt said:

Dart: A tapered tuck which is sewn to the fabric to endow its design with a particular cut. Its inside is shaped like a triangle. It allows us to create volumes, adapting fabrics to the human body’s natural shape.

Fabrics: Wool, Felts, Cotton, Leather and Silk.

Colours: Black, Grey and Aquamarine Green.

Photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona

080 Barcelona Fall 2010