jose_miroF1030MADRID, Feb 22, 2010 / — Decade changes are suitable for adapting, researching and ceaselessly creating. No revivals; elements of the past enrich knowledge as regards technique, but in a new decade, silhouettes, materials, and cuts must predict the future.

INNOVATION and FUNCTIONALITY are two future-defining principles. A mixture of cultures and plurality is present in all fields enriching life at all levels across the planet.

Babel is Jose Miro’s proposal for next autumn-winter; like all those of the designer, it is a plural, innovative collection, which has arisen from the conception of the world as a whole, combining elements from countless cultures that are present around the world: the East, the West…

Fabrics which, with the passing of time, merge well both for the heat and the cold: wool, silk and cotton. As in his previous collections, there is room for totally ecological fabrics which represent a true principle for change.

Brown, grey, green and blue all make up the range of colours that vary in countless nuances and shades: shiny, matt and iridescent.

Shoes are created and conceived for this century’s women introducing new shapes, applied technology to ensure functionality, design and maximum femininity.

Babel serves only as the basis on which building can begin but not necessarily vertically. The quest for Utopian perfection.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week