BARCELONA, Feb 10, 2010 / — Awakenings… feelings… observation… calm… surmounting… hope… fear… loss… loneliness… grief… sadness… and ending…


A young fashion designer from Pamplona, Karlota Laspalas studied Fashion Design at the School of Fashion Design Felicidad Duce, where on 2008 she was awarded with the ‘Best Collection Prize’ of her own graduation class.

On her press notes for her Fall 2010 collection, Karlota Laspalas wrote:

“Somewhere to start from, mementos from the past, a black canvas hung on the wall with a deep slash over its centre; a work of art painted by my father in honour of artist Lucio Fontana.

Some sculptures and rocks brought down by my father from the mountains which he adorned with a parallel or diagonal encircling beige string. These remembrances are still in my mind for its simplicity, depth and beauty.

My mood, anxieties, wishes and hopes face up to the mystifying figure on that torn canvas. It seems every-thing is turning dark though there’s always something to hold to, giving us hope before everything fades to black.”

Photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona

080 Barcelona Fall 2010