NEW YORK, Feb 12, 2010 / FW/ — With old fashioned machines that look like Daleks, a fictional extraterrestrial cybernetic beings from the popular sci-fi series Dr. Who, on the background, the dichotomy of the Ports 1961 Fall 2010 collection was set even before the show started.


Exploring today’s realm of technology existing with the natural, and understanding the tension between them, using the Daleks as personification of the human fear wherein technology can eventually lead to our destruction was a stroke of genius.

And like Dr. Who who found a way to for humans to co-exist with the Daleks without cataclysmic results, Tia Cibani used the duality of man and machine to create a collection that uses high tech fabrics on classic silhouettes.

While playing with the classic shapes, Cibani updated them to be more modern, even futuristic. Victorian techniques of sewing and pattern making were utilized to create the final product and by doing so, the shapes retained its organic nature.

Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Fall 2010