aganovichF1001PARIS, Mar 4, 2010 / FW/ — As with most of our colleagues in the fashion biz we are often faced with the cruel decision of having to decide on attending one show versus the other during fashion week, always keeping in mind that we must attend the most important shows of the season.

On the second day of the Paris collections A/W 10-11 we had just that decision to make. We opted for Aganovich 0.3.

The design team of Nana Aganovich and her partner Brook Taylor have a truly original concept. The unique collaboration of the duo allows for Mr. Taylor to use his formidable talents as a writer to create a metaphysical world in which Ms. Aganovich creations can exist. The result: a beautiful collection.

We were limited to a small offering but the pieces represented were the perfect paring of the effects literature can have on fashion. Masterful use of color blocking in tones inspired by sand dunes at sunset.

Photo by: Thomas Barnes