Marie Saint Pierre Fall 2010MONTREAL, Mar 1, 2010 / FW/ — A well-known designer in Montreal, Marie Saint Pierre sent an ultra-modern and futuristic collection that she entitled “Worshipping Jersey” and described as fun and feminine.

Opting for a very narrow color palette of black and beige, Marie Saint Pierre mixed architectural and fluid silhouettes that are very wearable and commercially viable.

For drama, she created sculpted jewellery made of fabric and also tried her hand in 3-D knits and pleats that are reminiscent of Issey Miyake and Byblos.

A tight collection as a whole, (though it could use a little editing), the show could have made a very strong statement but it fizzled because of bad lighting and bad show production.

Throughout the whole show, the model began with all the lights off, and the lone spotlight was turned on when the model was already 1/2 of the way, thus everyone on the first half of the runway did not see the clothes!

Then, to make it harder, when the model walked back, as soon as she exited the catwalk, the lights were once again turned off; hence, when the next model came out, the audience was still adjusting their eyes with the change in illumination.

Sadly, instead of being an enjoyable show, this journalist actually got a headache in the end and quite frankly, I was not alone feeling that way.

Photos courtesy of Bureau de la mode de Montréal