DALLAS, Mar 18, 2010 / FW/ — Giving the subliminal message that all of them can have gold records, American Idol stylist Soyon An enhanced the natural radiance of the show’s female finalists by accessorizing them with fine gold jewelry.

Utilizing a fresh mix of fashion accessories with the elegance of fine gold jewelry, these Idol stars are stepping up their style as they reach for the ultimate goal of celebrity status.

Paige Miles paired gold earrings by Ippolita with a wide cuff bracelet by Heather Moore to suit her edgy chic style.

Didi added a touch of class to her armful of fashion bracelets with Nina Basharova’s yellow gold Milky Way bangles.

Lacey Brown brought grace to her Bohemian fashion with a gold link necklace by Barbara D’Oro, paired with a colorful top and cheeky bow-tie.

Photos by Frank Micelotta / FOX