valerie_dumaineMONTREAL, Mar 18, 2010 / FW/ — In Montreal’s Laboratorie Creatif, Valerie Dumaine’s atelier has a great view of the Montreal skyline. Choosing to return to her native city after spending time and Europe and being greeted with a spectacular view of the city everyday mayhap be the reason why Valerie choose to remain 100% Made in Canada.

With her collection already sold in Canada and several places in the U.S., plus being picked up by a boutique in Belgium, Valerie Dumaine is on her way up.

Known for her retro chic look wherein she mixes elements from the 1960s and the 1980s, the 18 – 35 females just could not get enough of her creations. Of course, it helps that her collection is very affordable at $189 – $289.

What is the secret of her success?

“Attention to details and making sure I have a good and reliable production crew,” said Valerie Dumaine when we visited her in her atelier. 

A member of La Salle College Class of 1997, Valerie Dumaine worked as an illustrator, patternmaker and designer for various local companies in Montreal before heading to London where she completed an internship with designer Gaile McConaghie.

Upon completion of her Certificate in German at UQAM in 2002, Valerie Dumaine was once again Europe-bound; this time, her focus was Berlin. She reveled in the German fashion scene and culture, acquiring a firm and definitive direction. This experience became a major turning point in her career. After returning to Montreal, she decided to begin work on her own line. In the Spring of 2004 Valerie Dumaine was finally born!

Fall 2010 is Valerie Dumaine’s 14th collection.

Photos courtesy of Valerie Dumaine

Montreal Fashion Week Fall 2010