PARIS, Mar 8, 2010 / FW/ — With the Paris season at its height, iconoclastic designer Thierry Mugler is not on the catwalk but in the virtual world as he unveils his latest creation,  which he defines as an interactive platform which is an expressive space built on the natural bonds existing between all women.


Thierry Mugler invented the name Womanity with an eye toward the innovative ideas it could articulate. It is a natural expression of what all women carry within them: community, connection, creative force.

“At the heart of it is what one woman learns from another. Womanity is that bond: giving, complicit, a tacit affinity,” said Thierry Mugler

A unique creative platform that builds community among women, is designed to spark creative exchange among women. It offers women the opportunity to share what being a woman means to them today.

The site is open to everyone and embodies a new kind of interactive space: a creative commons dedicated to generating new ideas, where members can share knowledge, trade experiences, express their creativity, and – above all – have fun.

Members are invited to reveal their own definition of Womanity, and their curiosity is awakened by dynamic, changing content (video, photography, articles, and posts) that is in turn inspiring, entertaining, profound, lighthearted, and even provocative – just like its creator.

The site is designed to evolve over time, and all of its functionalities will be available in June. Its rich, diverse galaxy of content will change constantly with contributions from both members and invited guests, including influential members of the literary and artistic communities, journalists and leaders of the film and fashion world.

The site’s three major sections will invite women to enjoy the following creative journeys:

– Womanity is…: This section focuses on the question, “What does Womanity mean to you?” It is a way of giving oneself free rein and total liberty of creative expression. A Jury presided by Mr. Mugler will reward the finest contributions (photos, articles, images, etc.) with a trip for two toward the discovery of another womanity.

– Womanity Inspiration: This section gives visitors the opportunity to share their points of view on contemporary ideas and issues.

In addition to these creative contributions, Thierry Mugler invites visitors to give free rein to their imaginations, and to generate an array of projects, concepts and products that might contribute to the world of Womanity.

The designer explains: “ is a place to take ideas further – who knows how far? Women will tell us …”