xuly_bet_F1001PARIS, Mar 5, 2010 / FW/ — More than 10 years ago I experienced what was for me a pivotal moment in my fashion career. I attended a fashion show at the Carousel du Louvre for a designer from Africa by the name of Xuly Bet.

Knowing nothing of the name, expectations were small. As the show began it was immediately apparent we were in for something very different than what had preceded it. The room swelled with a thumping base track that had everyone’s head moving… then came the cavalcade of beautiful models all dressed in “tribal chic”.

It brought tears to my eyes. I had not seen such a sight on the runways of Paris. It was truly amazing.

Fast forward to 2010; we attend the opening of the Xuly Bet store in the 3rd district of Paris. Again not knowing what to expect as Xuly Bet has been absent for some time. Sadly, we found a store over stuffed with stock which made it difficult for us to gauge potential growth. There was only one mannequin showing the designers’ choice representing the current collection.

There was one outstanding moment – the performance of the New York based hip hop / soul band “The Crowd”. Members Adeline, Randy Mason and Akil Dasan put on an acoustic performance that was sensational.

FashionWindows’ suggestion – Look for the new drop by “The Crowd” and run out and treat yourself to a little candy for the soul.

Photos: Thomas Barnes

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  1. Gordon Cyrus

    April 18, 2010