PARIS, May 6, 2010 / FW/ — Founded by brothers Eric and Philip Chu in 2003, the label “Ground Zero” is based on the concept of “zero” as the beginning, a tabula rasa which you can make it into what you want it to be, depending on your internal perception.

So since then, Ground Zero has always been open for collaboration with artists, architects, designers and other creators. Each new collection is perfectly adapted for original thinking and always leans towards something groundbreaking.

For Ground Zero collection, Eric and Philip Chu have put in their unique black humor, oftentimes outspoken of their criticism of modern fashion. Courageous and brave, the two brothers had tackled the monopolization of old and established brands.

Hence for Fall 2010, Ground Zero had casted Karl Lagerfeld to the role of the Immortal Terminator, a thought they freely expressed in large prints on T-shirts.

An urban brand, the label caters to young metropolitans. Using gray, black, white and beige as their basis for their color palette, the two brothers gave these neutral colors a new twist, making them fresh and relevant.

Even the boring blue sweater was given a new character, thanks to removable hangers consisting of several rows of golden snakes! Not for the faint of heart, Ground Zero will surely turn heads and more often than not, elicit comments.

Photos: Ground Zero