DALLAS & BERLIN, May 10, 2010 / FW/ — Entitled “The Sophisticated Woman”, the Strenesse Gabriele Strehle Fall 2010 collection defines the “sophisticated woman” as perfectly imperfect because she knows the perfection is dull.

As designer Gabriele Strehle described here, “a sophisticated woman is perfectly imperfect; she seeks out style clashes like mixing classic tartan for ultra-mini, sequined tops under thoroughly British blazers, delicate skirts plus rustic hooded sweaters.”

She’s sensationally sensible; she matches premium fabrics from superbly elegant tweeds to quality silk and finest cashmere.

In a sophisticated woman, logic meets allure. She’s provocatively reserved; subtlety is the new in-your-face. Muted lines and colors pique the imagination more effectively than loudness and brashness ever could.

Cool White, Ocean Blue and Grey combine with warm earthy shades from Beige to deepest Brown. Purist Black, Putty and Slate are teamed with fruity rich Cherry, Blackberry and Chocolate and gemstone hues from Ruby and Amethyst to golden Topaz.

She’s seductively smart. She blends the romantic and the pragmatic; adores dreamy shirts and dresses, but ensures they’re worth the price tag.

Successful women have ousted party girls. Confident contours and assured combinations; always strong, never overbearing; always cool, never craven.

The black fur scarf as an accessory teamed with slim pants, flowing dresses with severe blazers, casual oversized items with cropped tops.

She makes the most of a luxury accessory; an elegant fur doubles as a scarf, skirt or stole. And first and foremost, nothing throws the Sophisticated Woman off balance. In strappy heels or barefoot, she always has both feet firmly on the ground.