MILAN, Jun 20, 2010 / FW/ — There is a new pop culture phenomenon; bad guys can be good guys. That’s why Dexter and Leverage, two TV shows that feature the quintessential “bad guys” like a serial killer and master thieves, respectively remain to be popular among the viewing audience.

Christopher Bailey interpreted this cultural phenomenon on the runway perfectly as he sent the “bad boy” biker and the “respectable” gentleman on the runway wearing padded, studded and riveted biker jackets or the highly regarded military inspired trench coat.

The mood is upbeat as Christopher Bailey successfully merged; even morphed these two opposite characteristics in a quilted and buttonholed leather jacket with an asymmetrical zipper closure that unsurprisingly will fit both the “bad boy” and “respectable gent” wardrobes.


Milano Moda Uomo Spring 2011